The Crayon Initiative

Posted by Brittni Harris on 1/19/2020

The Crayon Initiative


Our class is so excited to take on this next project on behalf of the whole school!

We will be partnering with The Crayon Initiative- a California-based, volunteer-driven organization- for a service project that will both help our environment AND benefit children at Golisano and hospitals all over the country!

To find out more, take two minutes to watch the video below!

The Crayon Initiative video

Over the next two weeks, our teams will each be explaining the project and the purpose of it to each of the other classes in our building.  Each team will also design and decorate a collection box for their designated classroom.  

Teams will be responsible not only for introducing the project to each class, but for checking on the boxes at least once a month, emptying them when full, weighing the crayons in the box, sorting them by color, and recording the total amount for each class.  

At the end of the school year (early June), the teams will package the donated and sorted crayons and ship them off to California!  From there, they will end up in the hands of children who need them all over the country, including right here in Rochester!

We will post periodic updates as we get further into the collection.  In the meantime, send all of those broken, unwanted, or unused crayons into school and we will put them to good use!

For more information, visit the Crayon Initiative's website, or contact me.