Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Schuler

Ms. Schuler attended Niagara University where she earned a bachelor's in Social Work and completed a minor in Writing. During an internship her senior year she received training in play therapy. She then attended Nazareth University where she received her Masters in Inclusive Early Childhood Education and then completed the coursework for Inclusive Elementary Education. 

Upon graduating she spent several years as a subsitute teacher, working in grades from PreK through 5th grade, occasionally venturing into middle and high school grades. She has spent the past three years working solely as a preschool teacher with 3 year olds. 

She has had experience with children on the autism spectrum, as well as children with type 1 diabetes. 


Ms. Schuler greatly enjoys reading (Barnes and Noble is her favorite store), as well as writing and going to see movies at the AMC right near her house. She is not a fan of coffee, although her kitchen is overflowing with mugs people keep gifting her with. 


"Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul." Fredrich Fruebel

  • Things to remember:

    -Please don't forget to sign your child in and out in the morning and afternoon. In the morning we just need the time. In the afternoon we need time and signature please. If you are sending someone else to pick up your child please remind them of this.

    -If your child is going to be absent please call the school and let us know! Or if you know in advance (doctor appts, vacations etc) please let the teacher know! Written notice is best.

    -While we do take precautions please remember this is a preschool class and we do get messy! It's the best way to learn and explore! Don't send your child to school in their best clothing (except for picture day).

    -Please only 1 stuffed animal/doll at school for rest time and no more than 1 blanket (not including the crib sheet for the mats). Any more than that and we run out of room to store it! Any other toys must stay at home.