• What are we learning in technology class?

    The overall goal for students is to use
    technology in their daily lives safely and
    ethically for academic and personal needs.






    Grade Pre K-4
    1. Student can explore and use various types of tools appropriately
    2. Student can use technology to enhance learning

    Kindergarten-2nd Grade
    1. Opens, uses, and closes grade-level programs and applications
    2. Demonstrates grade-level keyboarding skills
    3. Uses a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing
    4. Uses software programs and applications to
    enhance learning and solve problems 

    Grades 3-5
    1. Students will access, generate, process, and transfer
    information using appropriate technologies.
    2. Information technology is used to retrieve, process, and
    communicate information and as a tool to enhance learning.
    3. Information technology can have positive and negative
    impacts on society, depending on how it is used.

    Learning Animation




    *Special content areas like computer technology are taught less frequently than other subject areas. In order to provide adequate time for assessment, report card grades for special content areas are communicated in marking periods two and four.