Counseling classes are held once a week for students in grades Kindergarten through 5th.  We focus on the character education word of the month by reading books, watching videos, doing activities, talking and sharing. We also spend time working on a variety of community projects (examples below).

    Every class begins with a "Thankful" Circle where everyone shares at least one thing they are thankful for today. This helps us to focus on God's goodness in our everyday lives!!!   Please ask your child(ren) what was shared !!!!



    • Kindergarten            Tuesday           10:00 - 10:35
    • 1st                            Thursday          1:45- 2:20                  
    • 2nd & 3rd                 Thursday          1:00 - 1:35
    • 4th                            Tuesday            2:05- 2:40
    • 5th                            Tuesday            1:20 - 1:55


     Examples of community projects:  

    Thankful:  Color and write thank you notes to several community service organizations: Laurelton Fire Department, Irondequoit Police Department, Knights of Columbus,Women's Auxiliary  & Nurses at St. Ann's Community                                      Generous: Color Christmas placemats for the seniors at St. Ann's Community                                      Make bags for the Father Tracy Wellness Center
    Kindess:    Color angels for St. Ambrose's angel tree                                                                               Collect dog & cat food/treats for Lollypop Farm in Victor
    Faithful:    Color Easter placemats for the seniors at St. Ann's Community