• Character

    Each month I will coordinate an Awards Assembly that celebrates our students being successful in practicing the character education word of the month.  

    som We also celebrate the Student of the Month which is based not only on character education, but also on academics and leadership.     

    Please come join us to see how AWESOME our students are!!!


    Character Education Word:                               Award Assembly:

     September: Responsible                               Wednesday, September 26th 

    • Taking care of one's self and others                               1st Grade Presentation
    • Carrying out a duty or task carefully and thoroughly

    October:       Independent                              Wednesday, October 31st 

    • Able to do work on your own                                         3rd Grade Presentation
    • Manages your time well to get things accomplished
    • Able to maintain self-control

    November:   Thankful                                      Wednesday, November 28th

    • Being aware of our blessings                                          Kindergarten Presentation
    • Appreciating people in your life
    • Practice saying "thank you", especially to God
    • Showing gratitude

    December:    Generous                                      Wednesday, December 19th

    • Being kind and helpful                                                       4th Grade Presentation
    • Showing you care
    • Forgiving yourself and others easily

    January:      Kind/Caring                                    Wednesday, January 30th

    • Seeing the best in people                                                     5th Grade Presentation
    • Giving compliments to others
    • Encouraging someone who needs support
    • Forgiving those who hurt you

    February:     Active                                               Wednesday, February 27th

    • Maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle                                      PK4 Presentation
    • Participate/Volunteer for a cause you believe in
    • Participating fully in your own learning
    • Focusing on listening to other when they are talking

    March: Creative                                                     Wednesday, March 27th

    • Use your imagination                                                             5th Grade Presentation
    • Is curious, inquisitive and expressive
    • Has a keen sense of humor

    April:   Faithful                                                       Wednesday, April 24th

    • Follows the Ten Commandments                                            2nd Grade Presentation
    • Participating in your faith through prayer and song
    • Attends church regularly

    May:     Cooperative                                                Wednesday, May 29th

    • Working with others to accomplish a goal together                     PK3 Presentation
    • Considering other’s thoughts, opinions and ideas
    • Able to compromise
    • Works well in a group
    • Value other's strengths and learns from them

    June:   Patriotic                                                       Moving Up Day June 14th

    • Being a good neighbor
    • Respects authority
    • Obeying rules
    • Protects the environment