What's going on in Kindergarten?

  • First half of the year focuses on introduction beginning mouse and keyboarding skills using free educational online resources. I introduce and model activities and then provide guided practice. Students regularly practice and develop letter recognition and relationships between upper - lower case letters and letter – sound identification with location to those letters and sounds on the keyboard. Keyboarding is a literacy skill and is practiced as such. Please kiss and hug and snuggle your kindergartener because s/he has been working and learning so much!

    Kindergarteners have also been developing:

    • mouse skills such as pointing, clicking, double clicking, and dragging
    • practicing letter/ sound relationships
    • 1:1 ratio, counting, matching colors and shapes.
    • As we move into the second half of the year, some topics to be introduced are sorting, rhyming, comparing, sentence word order, upper and lower case, vowel sounds, dolch-sight words, and digraphs (SH, WH, TH) 


    The last 5 weeks of school Kindergarteners will be intorduced to coding through the program Scratch.