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    Posted by Jacqueline Allen on 1/31/2021

    Look at what we're learning



    ELA: In Reading, we are reading books with repetitive text patterns. 


    In Language, we are using the Superkids program and are learning about our letters and letter sounds. 

    We have learned the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh,Ii, Ll, Nn,Oo, Rr Ss,  Tt, Uu


    We are currently learning the letter M.


    In Writing, we are using sentence starters and writing in journals.



    Math: In Math,we are using McGraw-Hill My Math along with games and supplemental materials.  We recently completed a unit about addition and subtraction to a sum of 10.  We are currently learning about 2D vs. 3D shapes.


    Science: In Science, we are learning about the plant life cycle and how to take care of the Earth.


    Social Studies: In Social Studies, we are finishing the listening domain on Presidents and American Symbols. Afterwards, we will begin learning about colonial times and places.


    Religion: In Religion, we are learning about prayer, parts of mass and our love for God.


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