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  •   Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year Collage




    • Character Assembly:  This Wednesday we’ll celebrate our February character assembly and those students who exemplified prayerfulness, resilience, inspiration, dedication, and/or enthusiasm in the past month.  We share these assemblies via Zoom in all classrooms with Ms. Deutsch moving from room to room for certificate presentations and our class is SO excited each time!

    • Black Storytelling League:  Today, in honor of Black History Month, we were fortunate enough to experience the Zuzu Sarkasi Acrobats virtually.  And on Wednesday we’ll also meet virtually with members of the Black Storytelling League. 

    • Baked Ziti Fundraiser:  This Friday is the first Friday of SAA’s baked ziti fundraiser.  Meals include baked ziti, side salad and dressing, and bread and butter, and each meal is $10.  If you’d like to take a break from cooking this Friday (or any remaining Friday in Lent!), ensure you have something meatless, and want to support our school, please send in your orders as soon as possible to help the volunteers who are cooking on our behalf.

    • Registration:  SAA is doing everything possible to help families re-register before the end of the third quarter.  This will help our school effectively plan for next year and to help families complete this process, the registration fee has been cut in half from $150 to $75!  I hope this goes without saying but I am praying to continue seeing your children in our hallways next year – I genuinely hate the thought of not seeing their continued progress in 4th grade.  😊  If you’re able, please send in your re-registration materials as quickly as possible.  And if you’ve misplaced them or for some reason didn’t receive these materials, give me a shout!  I’ll happily send replacements.



    • Headphones:  Another problem with our class’ supply list (crafted, thankfully, by others before I was hired) has arisen.  In the fall, it became clear that students needed headphones to complete many classroom activities.  I purchased headphones for all students but sadly not all of them have survived.  Many of us are in desperate need of new headphones.  Please ask your child if his or her classroom headphones work and if they don’t, please send in a new pair.  Over-the-ear headphones work best and ear buds are not recommended unless your child specifically prefers them. 

    • Kleenex, Paper Towels, Masks, and Gloves Needed:  If you’re able, please consider sending in any of these items, which are very needed.  And THANK YOU to those who have already sent them in!

    • Scholastic Book Order:  Our February book order was due today.  If you still want to order, please let me know.  I’ll hold off on submitting orders until Thursday to ensure everyone has time to communicate with me if needed.  Our class benefits SO much from book orders, so thank you to all who have been able to purchase this year!

    • Parent-Teacher Conferences:  While there aren’t formal parent-teacher conferences scheduled in the winter/spring, I am very happy to meet with anyone who makes this request!  I can meet via Zoom after school or in the evening virtually any day of the week except Wednesdays (when our faculty meetings are held).  Please don’t hesitate to make such a request if you want to discuss your child’s ongoing progress or any concerns you have. 

    • Morning Writing:  Today our class started something new – morning writing!  Our children have made great progress with morning math and they’ll continue doing this work on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  But on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we’ll now turn our attention to writing work to practice our composition skills.  Some students are concerned about this shift – it’s not at all uncommon for 3rd graders to feel unsteady about their writing.  But they all have gifts to share in writing and I’m already loving reading their responses!  These exercises should be low on stress and high on creativity.

    • Homework:  I know that homework can be a slog for both kids and parents.  And while it’s awesome to have children practicing skills at home, we don’t want to cause them stress when it’s possible to avoid it.  I explained to our class this morning that this week, the only homework they need to complete are the highlighted lessons in their i-Ready folders.  If your child has not returned his or her i-Ready folder to me in the last two weeks, please be sure it comes back.  I can monitor each student’s progress this way and ensure that the lessons assigned to them will be manageable.  Next week I’ll be switching up homework, as well – stay tuned!

    • Mystery Students:  Before break, we began having a “mystery student” in our class.  This doesn’t happen every day but when it does, one person will be selected by me.  I will watch that student’s choices, work ethic, and interactions with others throughout the day.  If he or she meets our class expectations, the student receives public acknowledgement at the end of the day, 5 Class Dojo points, and a special note home.  (Kudos to Leo Weaver, who was our first successful mystery student!)  If the mystery student does not meet class expectations, his or her name is not divulged and we simply move on the next day with a new mystery student.  In this way, there is pride for kiddos who meet expectations and no shaming for those who simply have a less than stellar day. 

    • Project Supplies Needed:  THANK YOU to those families who have purchased supplies for our upcoming paper mache globe project!   A few more items are needed and can be found on our Amazon Wish List:  I’ve set the list so it can be edited, which means that when someone purchases something from it, it’s deleted from the list.  So everything currently on the list is still needed. 



    • ELA:  Because a few of our classmates are temporarily joining us virtually, our newspaper’s production has slowed.  But we continue to write and prepare for its debut!  We’re also continuing our work with phonics skills like open syllables and reading comprehension strategies.

    • Math:  Tomorrow students will complete their multiplication & division application post-assessment, marking the end of that unit, and then we’ll move on to patterns in mathematics. 

    • Religion:  On Wednesday we’ll begin reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which is a beautiful child-friendly depiction of Christ’s sacrifice for all of us.  Students will complete a lap book for this book and we’ll analyze the novel using reading strategies and religious analysis.

    • Science:  We’re focused on the water cycle this week with some fun experiments.  Then next week we’re on to weather!

    • Social Studies:  Our look at Japan’s geography, cultures, and people continue!  Our class is SUPER excited for our upcoming paper mache globe project.