• Summary of Home Learning Goals:  Pre-Kindergarten 




    Science/Social Studies/Art 

    Health & Wellness

    Your child will begin and end the day with prayer

    Your child will pray daily prayers

    Your child will recognize God’s love for him/her and for all of His creations 

    Your child will recognize Jesus as the Son of God who loves us 

    Your child will recognize Easter as the most important season in the Church 

    Your child will select, listen to and “pretend” read age-appropriate books

    Your child will answer/respond to questions and complete activities about a story 

    Your child will use a large vocabulary, adding several new words daily 

    Your child will identify upper- and lower-case letters 

    Your child will use letters to make words or parts of words 

    Your child will use drawing, dictating, or writing to explain feelings and texts 

    Your child will use words to count from 1 to 20 

    Your child will count 1-10 items, with one count per item 

    Your child will recognize numerals 0-5 

    Your child will identify and construct common shapes 

    Your child will extend simple patterns

    Your child will sort objects and use words to describe why the objects are alike or different 

    Your child will observe and describe the characteristics of living things  

    Your child will observe and describe the characteristics of earth in springtime   

    Your child will recognize his/her role as part of a family and how to contribute to essential responsibilities and tasks

    Your child will use art to creatively express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions  

    Your child will practice basic skills such as:  running, jumping, climbing, kicking, and throwing 

    Your child will show increasing control of tasks that require eye-hand coordination, like writing or drawing 

    Your child will demonstrate healthy daily hygiene and eating habits. 

    Your child will communicate and identify basic emotions/feelings

    Your child will develop self-motivation strategies to complete tasks more and more independently  

    Technology:  Your child will use technology in a variety of ways to enhance learning

    Note: As a reminder and safety tip, we encourage you to consider the amount of screen time your child receives daily. It is recommended that young children be limited to two hours of screen time per day. Young children learn best through play with meaningful interaction.