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     Uniform Policy:

    Our school uniform policy is located in our handbook (linked on the main website).


    While we are all very excited to see the snow melting and Mr. Sun gracing us with his presence, our weather is still unpredictable.  As such, we ask that students continue to wear their uniform pants, skirts, or jumpers until May.  Jeans and leggings are not acceptable uniform bottoms.  If your student would like to wear shorts on a P.E. day, they may do so by wearing shorts underneath their P.E. sweatpants.  Although we may have a few warm and sunny days over the coming weeks, we know that we are not out of the snowy woods quite yet!


    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this important detail.


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    Coming Soon!  

  • What are we learning this week?

    WRITING: Personal Narratives
    MATH: Money- identifying, valuing, and counting coins
    RELIGION: Sacraments
    SCIENCE: Plant & Animal Needs 
    SOCIAL STUDIES: Cultures
    LISTENING: Cycles in Nature
    READING: /er/ sounds; common vs proper nouns; realistic fiction