• A Return to the Great Outdoors

    Posted by Brittni Harris on 3/21/2021

    A favorite tradition for the St. Ambrose Academy 2nd and 3rd graders has long been the annual Spring Cleanup and Planting Day at the convent next door to our school.  Due to the complications of last Spring, this treasured tradition was cancelled.

    I am so happy to report that I have been in contact with Sister Beth, and the 2nd graders will be returning to the great outdoors in late May!  

    We will be planting our seeds in the classroom in early April, where we will tend to them and observe the changes while we wait for the weather to turn more favorable for transplanting.  Mr. Jeff will help us gather the needed yard clean-up tools- rakes, shovels, watering cans, and garbage bags- and our class will head next door for a fun outdoor day!

    The Sisters are always happy to see the kids outside, and the kids are just happy to BE outside!  We will spend the first part of the day cleaning up the remains of a long Winter, and the second half of the day will be spent planting the flowers we have grown in our classroom.  At the end of the day, Sister Beth will gather the children on the front steps of the convent and say a prayer with us before we head back to school.

    At the end of the day, we are tired, sweaty, and muddy, but it is all worth it when we drive by over the summer and see the beautiful colors of our hard work all over the yard!

    Details for our day will be coming home soon!

    May 2019

    May, 2019: 2nd & 3rd graders (now our 4th & 5th graders!)

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  • The Crayon Initiative

    Posted by Brittni Harris on 1/19/2020

    The Crayon Initiative


    Our class is so excited to take on this next project on behalf of the whole school!

    We will be partnering with The Crayon Initiative- a California-based, volunteer-driven organization- for a service project that will both help our environment AND benefit children at Golisano and hospitals all over the country!

    To find out more, take two minutes to watch the video below!

    The Crayon Initiative video

    Over the next two weeks, our teams will each be explaining the project and the purpose of it to each of the other classes in our building.  Each team will also design and decorate a collection box for their designated classroom.  

    Teams will be responsible not only for introducing the project to each class, but for checking on the boxes at least once a month, emptying them when full, weighing the crayons in the box, sorting them by color, and recording the total amount for each class.  

    At the end of the school year (early June), the teams will package the donated and sorted crayons and ship them off to California!  From there, they will end up in the hands of children who need them all over the country, including right here in Rochester!

    We will post periodic updates as we get further into the collection.  In the meantime, send all of those broken, unwanted, or unused crayons into school and we will put them to good use!

    For more information, visit the Crayon Initiative's website, or contact me.


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  • Christmas Gift to Golisano Children's Hospital

    Posted by Brittni Harris on 1/12/2020

    2nd grade & Jennifer Johnson
    (Click on the photo above to see more of us working on these awesome blankets!)


    This year, our class decided to forego a traditional giit exchange in favor of something much more meaningful- a gift from our own hearts made with our own hands!

    Our 2nd graders and their families each generously donated 2-4 yards of fleece. Then we cleared all of the floor space in our classroom and spent a whole afternoon tying knots!  For some of us, it was learning to tie a knot, and for others, it was reinforcing a skill already learned.  

    The whole time we tied, we talked excitedly about where the blankets would be going, how happy and warm and cozy they would make the children at the hospital feel, and how happy and warm and fuzzy it made us feel knowing that we could do something to make someone else smile.

    Jesus taught us that the greatest give is one of love, and these children are certainly leading by example!

    **We want to send a special THANK YOU to Jennifer Johnson, who came to visit us the week before Christmas to collect the blankets to bring to the hospital!**


    Click the link below to watch us on Channel 13's 'Bright Spot' news feature from Christmas Eve. 

    Christmas Eve 'Bright Spot'!

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