PreK 3 RC

What are we learning?

  • What do 3 year olds learn at school?

    It's no secret. 3 year olds do their best learning through play! 

    Social interaction and problem solving are among the top two things they learn that will contribute to later success. Exploration occurs both in and out of the classroom. How tall can I make my building? How does this puzzle fit back together? What are the butterflies doing flying from flower to flower? What do the plants look like during each season? 

    Questions, questions everywhere! What letter is this that is hidden in the sand table? Can I spell my name with the magnetic letters on the outside of the cabinent? How high can I count? And can I jump that many times? Why does it snow instead of rain? How do germs spread and what is the best way for us to prevent that? Can we find any letters or numbers on our walks outside? 

    We do a lot of work with building their small muscles that will later contribute to writing. Cutting play doh with scissors, coloring vertically instead of horizontally and other fine motor activities. 

    And of course we talk a lot about God and how he wants us to help care for each other. 


    "Play is the work of the child." Maria Montessori