• Daily Schedule

    8:15-8:30: Arrival and breakfast/table toys

    8:30-8:45: Morning message, weather, songs

    8:45-8:55: ELA

    8:55-9:05 Small group 1- Mon: Writing, Tues: Religion, Wed: Social Studies, Thursday: Science, Fri: Math

    9:05-9:15:Small group 2 (crafts)                                                                                               

    8:55-9:50: Free play (when not in small group)knox

    9:50-10: Clean up

    10-10:10: bathroom


    10:20-10:50: Gross motor play (either outside or in the gym depending on weather)


    11-11:20: choice time/table play with 4th and 5th graders

    11:20-11:30:wash hands, say prayer

    11:30-12: lunch

    12-12:30: table play

    12:30-12:40: bathroom

    12:40-2:30: rest time

    2:30-3: table play/dismissal


    "Pretend play is how children naturally discover the world beyond and within themselves. It nutures creativity, develops communication skills, cultivates empathy, and builds vocabulary." Source Unknown